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1. Artist Manager – The manager connects the artist with opportunites and people. Great option for people that want to plan, organize, negotiate, and direct. Typically compensates about 10-15% of artist earnings.

2. Publicist – A publicist is going to make sure that any show, release or event is covered by a wide range of media outlets. This career is fit for people with great communications, public relations, and people skills. Publicist can make $500-$10,000 per month.

3. Video Game Composer – composers or “producers” can win big by landing video game placements. These roles are best fit for people that have high levels of formal music education or fully understand their process of making music. Standard pay is about:

$30,000-$75,000+ for Creative Fee deal – interactive game (30 min. of music)
$30,000-$60,000+ for Package Fee deal – interactive game (30 min. of music) – covers composing and all expenses
$300-$600 per minute of finished music for casual games (creative fee only)

4. Booking Agent – Booking Agents control who’s on the stage and all surrounding logistics such as securing venues, negotiating deals, technical equipment, and hospitality. If you have a talent in management, accounting, and marketing you might want to check this career out. Commissions range, typically 10-20 percent of the act’s gross income per show.

5. Tour Manager – As a tour manager you’ll handle all the management of the artist’s tour including transportation, accommodation, scheduling, and finances of a tour. You’ll want to be familiar with tour logistics, accounting principles, and daily scheduling management. An experience tour manager came make $2,500 – $10,000 per week for theater/arena-level touring.

6. Session Musician – This is a great choice for anyone that is proficient with their instrument. Constant relationship building, various style of playing, and opportunities to be featured on a range of projects are some of the perks. Session musicians can get compensated on an extremely wide range, $100 – $2,500 per day or up to $100,000+
The American Federation of Musicians (AFofM) specifies the minimum rate.

7. A&R Coordinator/ Representative – Artist and Repertoire helps discover new talents and match them with the right team to create a profitable career. This career is a good choice if you have great business, marketing, PR and people skills. This field pay anywhere from  $27,000 to $175,000 based on experience and results.

8. Journalist – Music journalist generates media coverage for a wide range of music related platforms from TV, blogs, to magazines. If you’re a great writer and love music, there’s no question that this could be a career for you. Average salary is about $43,000 per year.

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